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Presented in the Meersburg Zeppelin Museum (founded March 1989) are contemporary relics of a legendary aero-nautical epoch arranged in a historically and geographically correct way.

Technical and artistic items, original constructional pieces of airships, aluminium girders, gas pressure gauges, altitude measuring instruments, technical installations and aeronautical items, radio sets, navigational equipment and everything to do with the Zeppelin.

All the items displayed in the museum are original parts of old Zeppelins. Eighty percent of them are of a technical nature.


Nacelle rear of the army airship LZ 113,
Yard-No. LZ 83, place of construction: Staaken in Berlin,
first ride on 22/02/1917. The recordings were
in the French Air and Space Museum in Paris.

Outer view of the Zeppelin Museum in Meersburg

An exceptional item is the world's only example of a bombing control system from the LZ 6. Other outstanding exhibition items are: a part of the Echolot system from the LZ 30, an airship gyroscopic compass as well as an original defused bomb from World War I, found in northern England.

Further technical rarities include the radio of a World War I Naval airship, an airship propeller, original aluminium girders from the LZ 127 and LZ 129 "Hindenburg", an on-board machine gun and a morse code installation built by the Luftschiffbau at the turn of the century, a device from the company Zeiss (situated in Jena) to mesasure wind speed, an original aluminium stool from the marine airship L59, several original steering wheels from airships, one of the first sets of binoculars which could be used at night from the company Zeiss (belonged to Captain Hans von Schiller), several exhibits belonging to Ernst A. Lehmann, and much much more.

Army airship radio telegraph

System Telefunken

Navy airship radio telegraph station

Control car after the completion of SL 4
in the hall of Dresden. Under Lieutenant Wolf.
Recording 20th April 1915

Becker gun 08, heavy MG from the airship L 59
target device with the company Zeis
for defense against enemy aircraft 1914 - 1918


Tails of different parts of Zeppelins


Original exhibits from the Zeppelin Museum Meersburg
construction next part of a Zeppelin,
above transmission and reception system of airships


Compass of the LZ 130 "Graf Zeppelin II "

Steering wheel and aluminum structures the Zeppelin

Original exhibits Zeppelin Museum Meersburg